What is the best temperature for a Hot Tub?
June 29, 2022 Johnsons


The only thing worse than getting into a hot tub that is too hot is getting into one that is too cold! So what is the right water temperature for a hot tub?

The limits that most hot tubs have regarding temperature are between 40 degrees Celsius and a lower range of about seven degrees. Most likely, nobody would want to sit in a hot tub in the seven-degree range. At the other end, 40 degrees is the industry agreed maximum as anything higher can lead to potential health hazards. For the most part, according to studies, women will prefer a temperature that is slightly higher than men prefer. Of course, that is not always the case, but generally, that is true. Women usually like a temperature around 38-39 degrees, not far off the maximum setting on the majority of hot tubs.

Many hot tub installers, when they install a spa and set it for the first time, generally set the temperature to 38 degrees. This temperature seems to be the most comfortable to enter into and allows for any temperature drop that hot tubs will experience when people enter into the hot tub.

The ability to lower the temperature in the very hot summer months is a great benefit as well. You do not have to keep the temperature at the highest level during the summer months. As long as you maintain the water as you would normally, there is no reason why you cannot lower the temperature and enjoy your hot tub like a cooling pool during the summer. You could reap the benefits of cooling down all the while saving on heating costs!

The fact of the matter is there is no one size fits all temperature that will please everyone. Your personal preference is what matters after all. Choose the temperature that works best for you, your family, and your friends. Your comfort is the best answer to the question!