Top 5 things to know before buying a Hot Tub
June 29, 2022 Johnsons


Beyond the initial question of how much? You might want to consider some other questions before you purchase your Hot Tub.


Is the Hot Tub a Good Fit for the Space You Have in Mind?

This will depend on how often and at what times of the year you will likely use the Hot Tub. For example, if the space you are considering is a long way from the house, it might mean a long cold walk to and from your Hot Tub in the Winter. Also, how will you get power to the area in question? Are there any overhanging trees in the vicinity that would cause debris to contaminate your water whilst in use? Have you considered your view when in the Hot Tub, especially if you have lounge seats? Staring back at your property or having a rural view is better than looking at a brick wall if it can be avoided.


What Kind of Cleaning and Maintenance is Required?

As a Hot tub owner, you will need to be aware of chemicals such as chlorine or bromine which, will work as a sanitiser to keep your unit clean daily. Beyond this, you will have to clean and or empty your Hot Tub to refresh the water or clean debris which has collected on the floor from time to time. Replacing or cleaning the filter will also need to be done just like a vacuum cleaner filter, which becomes dirty or clogged after a while.


Does the Hot Tub Need to Be Hard-Wired or Can It Be Plugged Into an Ordinary Outlet?

The answer here is both, depending on the model you choose. Hot Tubs come in 13amp versions that plug straight into the mains without the need for additional wiring or 32 amp models. These will need a separate cable run from your mains supply to your Hot Tub. Although this may seem like too much trouble, it is usually a simple procedure that your local electrician can do for you. The benefit of a 32amp model will mean you can keep the heater going whilst still running the jets.


Does this spa offer hydrotherapy that fits my specific physical relief needs?

Many customers buy a Hot Tub purely based on the pleasure it will bring by sharing with family and friends, not realising that a Hot Tub was created by Jacuzzi, with a medical benefit in mind. This process is called hydrotherapy and is very beneficial, not only for easing aching muscles but also for helping to soothe stress and anxiety. If you are after a Hot tub with specific hydrotherapy effects, you might want to consider the placement and types of jets included in your model of choice.


How much does it cost to run?

Not as much as you might think but be sure to take everything into account. Consider electrical cost, servicing and maintenance plus, consumables and water care products.

The most energy-efficient hot tubs will cost between 75p and £1.00 a day based on these assumptions at current energy tariffs of around 12-13p per kWh. However, not all spas are the most energy-efficient. If you take a chance on a cheap import this cost could increase five or sixfold, as they are simply not built to retain heat and maintain water temperature efficiently. What may seem like a bargain at first may have you running for the hills when your first electricity bill hits the doormat!

Servicing can cost up to a few hundred pounds. Throw in the filter replacement and water care products, plus electricity and, soon you are up to around £700 to £900 per year approximately.


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