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Wellis Everest


Price includes: Free Delivery, Commissioning, Set of Steps, Chemical Starter Kit & Insulated Cover.

Estimated Delivery Time: 16-20 Weeks


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Leveled Shingle Basework (2.4m x 2.4m)

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The pride of the Wellis Spas brand is the Everest hot tub. Featuring 2 comfortable recliners and 3 seats equipped with an array of luxurious jet formations – it’s no surprise it’s the most successful product in the premium PeakLine range.

The Everest includes all the innovations and features needed to ensure this hot tub stands out from the crowd. Oxygen therapy™, MagmaJet™ – these are just a mere few of the extra premium features that only the Wellis Everest offers!


Wellis PeakLine product line covers our premium models. In addition to a full line of accessories, modern design and novel style. Their extra functions and unique solutions make them the outstanding models of the Wellis brand. Read on to learn more about this fantastic models.


PeakLine models are equipped with new, improved aroma pumps. The fragrance is added to the water in liquid form using a pump dispenser.

Exclusive Colour Therapy

Exclusive colour therapy lighting is built directly into the inner wall around the spa, under the water, including 12-20 LEDs.

Oxygen Therapy™

Oxygen Therapy™ improves the oxygen level of water by over a staggering 70%.


Smartphone Application

The in.touch 2 application makes it easier to control and program your spa via telephone or tablet, even when you are away from home.

UV-C Watertreatment

This water treatment is hypo-allergenic and practically 100% effective in destroying bacteria, viruses and waterborne contaminants.

Sound System

AquaSoul™ Pro Sound System features top quality waterproof elements. The built-in receiver works with Bluetooth, so its connectable via your mobile phone.


One Wellis MagmaJet™ jet has the full capacity of a 3HP massage pump. You can lie on the surface and enjoy weightless floatation. Available with the Everest Spa.


Effective insulation is extremely important for hot tubs in order to reduce running costs to a minimum. All Wellis Spas hot tubs come with Polyfoam insulation.

The triple “Reflective Thermal Barrier” (RTB ) insulation of Wellis spas utilizes thermal gains from the spa’s equipment, collecting any waste heat energy and reflecting it back into the plumbing and shell, whilst keeping out the colder outer air.

We’ve even built our RTB technology into our Thermal Spa covers which also have a special reflective foil coating beneath them to bounce rising heat back into the spa water. This integrated energy management system means Wellis Spas are exceptionally economical to own.


The Everest spa is equipped with the state of the art AQUASOUL PRO™ 4.1 POP-UP Sound System. Enjoy such features as: 4-channel amplifier with a Bluetooth receiver, a 120W Subwoofer, all projected through 2 x 50W pop-up speakers and 2  x 35W Rim Speakers.

LED Lighting


The Wellis chromotherapy system is based upon lights of four different colours: green, yellow, blue and red. These can be set to fade gently through the spectrum or, by a simple touch of the spa’s control panel can be fixed on the single colour most beneficial to your mood.


The Everest comes complete with a 3-piece filtration system, plus a very modern look which conceals the filters. This system is specifically designed to reduce bacteria, collect more particles and reduce the chance of any filter blockage.


Wellis fit the LAING low energy eco circulation pump as standard equipment to the majority of our spas. With its very low power consumption (around 40% less than a typical circulation pump) and almost silent running, this pump can provide significant savings off the spas overall running costs.


The exclusive warm air bubbler system from Wellis is fitted as standard to all our bubbler equipped spas. The warmed air combined with a sparkle effect gently caresses and oxygenates your skin. Much more comfortable than the more common cold air systems, our heated air reduces heat loss from the water.

The exclusive  to Wellis German built Silent™ warm air bubbler system is extremely quiet at less than 60 db.


The Wellis UV-C water sanitisation brings the latest advances in UV-C water treatment technology to domestic Spas.

This water treatment is hypo-allergenic and practicably 100% effective in destroying bacteria, viruses and water bourn contaminates. Using just a tiny amount of power, it will silently, safely, and automatically treat the entire spa bathing water, many times each day, ensuring crystal clear, natural quality bathing water for you and your family, whilst minimising the use of additional sanitisers.


The insulated one-piece moulded floor pan forms the foundation upon which we build our spas. The pan sides extend upwards and form a, moisture and insect proof barrier to protect the spas structure from the detrimental effects of damp ground.

Our reflective barrier insulation system extends across the floor pan to prevent valuable waste heat being drawn through the base by the “cold sink effect” that is created by damp ground.

Maintenance free CABINET

Wellis Spas cabinets are manufactured with StarSide™ UV-proof wood textured material. No more sanding, oiling and messy maintenance of a traditional timber cabinet.

Wellis spas cabinets are constructed from a UV resistant polymer material that looks as good as real wood but is entirely maintenance free! Not to mention the contemporary colours available suit both interior and garden settings.

eco-neutral Acrylic

The Wellis Spas shell is nothing short of a technological triumph. They have developed an entirely eco-neutral Acrylic/Abs/polymer laminate system that results in a stronger, lighter, more stable, eco friendly and ultimately bio degradable product.

It even self insulates for both heat and sound, significantly lowering running costs as well as making our spas probably the quietest as well as safest for your family you can buy.


This model is equipped with Geckos latest generation of Wellis Smart Touch control systems which makes this tub extremely user friendly and easy to use, as well as being very reliable and even more programmable .

Features include: Capacitive Low Pressure Touch Screen, 4.3″ Full Color LCD Display, a highly responsive User Interface and a Preset Master Key. Settings available also include: Water care, Audio, Maintenance, Date and Time, Keypad and much more.

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Price includes: Free Delivery, Commissioning, Set of Steps, Chemical Starter Kit & Insulated Cover.

Estimated Delivery Time: 16-20 Weeks

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With Audio

Additional Features



4-5 Persons, 5 Persons, 5-6 Persons



Min. Power Requirement


Acrylic Colour

Alba Pearl White, Midnight Canyon, Sterling Silver, Tuscan Sun

Cabinet Colour

Black, Brown, Grey


Wellis Spas

Est. Delivery Times

11-20 Weeks

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