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The Darwin is a powerful 32AMP hot tub with a luxurious high quality shell design with a lounger seat.

Always at the forefront of spa technology, Outback Spas has enhanced the image of the Darwin hot tub to give it a stunning contemporary look. The result is a unique blend of high-performance, functionality and luxurious style.

Having full control over the design, specification and manufacture of all our products gives you the peace of mind that you are buying a top quality hot tub built to the highest standards.


Scientists have claimed that the amount of lighting affects the regulation of emotions, such as happiness and sadness, through the nervous and endocrine systems. At Outback Spas we have used LED lighting in our hot tubs to enhance the users pleasure whilst using an Outback spa, by selecting lighting that only enhances the persons mood.

All Outback spas come equipped with water level lighting, large LED in the footwell. This gives the hot tub a very modern look but also improves the mental mood of the user.


The Darwin is constructed with a 18mm high-density PU foam. Without proper insulation a lot of valuable energy you use to heat the water will be lost through the hot tub body.


The Darwin hot tub comes with a double filtration system with a very modern look which conceals the filters and gives a perfect place to put your chemicals.


The strategically placed foot massage jets on Outback Spas deliver an unrivalled therapy to your feet, which stimulate & help circulation of the body.

Maintenance free

The side panels and steps that are used on Outback spas are maintenance free whilst looking just like wood we use a wood composite instead of real wood on all our steps and side skirts. Wood rots and can deform over time! These particular side panels and steps do not rot or fade increasing the life and keeping the brand-new look for many years!

American Acrylic

Outback Spas use Aristech Acrylic. Aristech Acrylic is an American brand that has been supplying many acrylic sheets of the world’s leading hot tub brands. Aristech Acrylics has blended innovation, manufacturing expertise and industry-leading customer service, to become the preferred brand of acrylic sheet for OEMs, fabricators and designers worldwide.


Use controls you can trust! Balboa instruments are the world’s largest manufacturer of electronic control systems for the spa and hot tub industry and the recognised leaders for innovation, ease of use and reliability.

Every Outback spa model is equipped with Balboa’s latest generation of solid-state panels and controllers which have no moving parts, to ensure our spas are super reliable, dependable and easy to operate!

All Outback Spas are equipped with a built-in Bluetooth speaker system so you can sit back and relax to your favourite music playing straight from your smart device.

Price includes: Free Delivery, Full Commissioning, Insulated Cover & Chemical Starter Kit

Estimated Delivery Time: 4-6 Weeks

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